There are plenty of giants from popular culture too with sportsmen, celebrity chefs, artists and fashion designers who have embraced the influences from both Europe and China to create something new and compelling – revealing things you never knew about Europe-China relations.

In this major series from CGTN Europe, we introduce you to inspirational people from the worlds of culture, music, sport, business and academia that we believe have excelled at Bridge Building.

For those who want to learn more about Chinese history and culture, we introduce some of the greatest influences from the West in China. You'll meet the cultural and business icebreakers who defied global sanctions to reach out to China and transform global trade.

Learn about the Cambridge professor who realized the huge pool of historical Chinese technological and scientific knowledge and understand why history and poetry play a unique role in Chinese society with ancient poets still revered, relevant and regularly quoted in China today.

Alongside this we will introduce you to the seemingly ordinary people that made the other country their home, find out how they navigated the barriers of language and culture and what they discovered by living there. You'll also meet a younger generation of influencers who are using their talent to educate and entertain their audiences, fusing the cultures and highlighting all the similarities between the people, rather than the differences.